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During the combined test you will have a blood test and a special ultrasound scan where the fluid at the back of the baby's neck (nuchal translucency) is measured.

After material is fully processed, place Law Library material on Law distribution shelf; CRS-A material in CRS bin.

If the combined test shows that you have a higher risk of having a baby with Edwards' syndrome, you will be offered a diagnostic test to find out for certain if your baby has the condition.

This involves analysing a sample of your baby's cells to check if they have an extra copy of chromosome 18.

Around seven in every 10 babies born with mosaic trisomy will live for at least a year and, in rare cases, may survive into early adulthood.

In partial trisomy 18 only a section of the additional chromosome 18 is present in the cells, rather than a whole additional chromosome 18.

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