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via @flwhrs The positive side-effect of wearing our heart on your sleeve is the close emotional bond that will form over time with her significant other.

Because she knows and feels that he sees her true self all the time, with no questions asked.

Rather than run from it, they harness it and get on its level.

These people are true unicorns, who not only dare to feel, but express it, too. via @flwhrs She is able to master the balancing act of speaking her mind, going for what she wants, but also keeping an empathetic mind-set. She cares about people, but she know that her own needs and priorities come first.

Those who can confront that feeling head-on and say "You don't scare me, let's hang out instead".

via @isntmainstream Yes, I know this is the OPPOSITE of what you would assume when you hear the word "emotion" - because this word often makes us think of someone who is flighty, on edge and erratic.

But those things happen when emotion are slammed to the extreme. via @isntmainstream There is a subtle difference when it comes to the emotional girl.

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, she will bring a lot of stability and clarity to this hectic little thing we call living.

via @isntmainstream Conflict in relationships is - well, crappy for everyone. But surprisingly enough, it's an essential part of navigating day-to-day life with a significant other. A couple goes through many hurdles and setbacks only to predictably arrive at a happy and romantic end.

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