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One Drive One Drive was another part of Windows 10 I discovered sips data in the background.Although disabling it might be a drastic step, since it’s a critical selling point in the operating system, I don’t need to keep it running all the time.Hopefully, with differential updates in Windows Update, users running the Creators Update won’t have to worry too much about updates eating up their data caps.Speaking of metered connections, the Creators Update now lets users set their Ethernet connections as metered.

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You can turn it off, and when you do need to keep things synced, you can easily turn it on. If you think it’s a bit too much to completely turn off syncing, you can pick and choose some settings to sync.

I go into town once a week, so if there are some files I need to sync, I do so at an Internet café.

To disable One Drive, right-click the Taskbar and click Task Manager or press CTRL SHIFT ESC.

Windows 10 Home users won’t have any choice over the matter at all.

With the premium business editions such as Pro and Enterprise, you can defer the updates until a suitable time.

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