Wow patch stuck on updating setup files error occured validating manifest file

I've have sometimes had this problem before where the download just stops or is just crawling. Otherwise try looking at Blizzards troubleshooting forums What does the download report as a warning/error? Try to look for an alternative way to get the download; if not, get a friend to get you the cached files.

This will probably not work for everyone but it worked for me so it might help you if your wow launcher isn't downloading the patch or if it's extremely slow to download it (like 1k every 5 mins) Also note that this is with Windows 7 Premium after that my download was going at 1.6 - 1.8 Mb/sec :) Also remember to go check the ''Automatically detect settings'' box again after your done, apparently it might cause problem later with your internet if you leave it unchecked (that 's what someone told me) Hope it help ;) Go into "Options" and select "Patch & Update Settings" and scroll down to hidden fields.

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Basically what title says, would appreciate ANY help on this, as this is 1/3 of my download limit :/ Then when I try to login, it gets stuck at connecting(Already changed the password this morning) Then says: Unable to connect. If the problem persists, please contact technical support.....

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Finally i've also tried adding the TCP and UDP exceptions to my firewall to allow the downloader through Windows firewall.

Visit Stack Exchange I was wondering if anyone else out there is having problems with the Wo W installer, I recently signed up for an account so I could take advantage of this play the first 20 levels for free promotion.

I've registered fine but I now have the downloader client up and it just doesn't seem to want to download the files (and when it does we are talking speeds between 5-15kb/s).

Select 0 kb/s for both up and down stream which means unlimited transfer rates.

The default setting for background and beta streaming is 100 kb/s.

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