World series of dating episode guide

The best jokes will fail with a nervous, self doubting comedian.

I believe audiences have become smarter and more skeptical in today’s world, and the ability to gain trust and belief from them is harder now more than ever. Comedy is about honesty and having an original opinion.

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Details April 2012 Things get strange, with subjects for discussion including everything from favourite methods of transport to epileptic shirts, from the relative merits of camels and elephants to boys wondering how it would feel to be hit with high heels.

Audiences have a sixth sense for sniffing out bullshit on stage.

(Note that ‘audience’ also refers to whomever it is you’re making a pass at).

World Series of Dating is a reality and scripted comedy series which attempts to turn dating into a competitive sport.

Four women have to decide whether the single men sent their way should be buzzed out of the game, with only one men able to make it through to the final.

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