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These decorated, white beach-worn quartz pebbles dating to the first millennium AD, have been the subject of much thought and discourse since the 19th century.The presumed emblematic value of quartz in prehistory may have been important in portable material culture; one suggestion is that the small decorated pebbles may have been used as charm-stones.Another, more recent suggestion concerning the function of painted pebbles is that they were produced and used in conjunction with metalworking.This discussion continues today as more of these enigmatic pebbles are unearthed.It also highlights predominant clusters of finds within the northeast regions of the Highlands and Islands.Why they appear more frequently in Caithness and the Northern Isles remains a mystery to be resolved, and while their purpose remains enigmatic recent excavation has offered us new information about when they were in use.

As more dots were applied to the stone’s surface, and as the paint on the straw lessened, the dots became fainter, which was reminiscent of some of the original designs.The stones were also rubbed together with no effect on the new painted symbols.These experiments using distilled peat tar reveal a substance, which was readily available as a resource and much easier to find than haematite.The majority of painted pebbles in Scotland have been found in Shetland, where they form an important collection within the Shetland Museum.We carried out an experimental study of this collection to understand their decoration, the material used in painting the pebbles, the methods of application of the design and to consider of its survival.

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