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After gaining experience in the show, Cari Dee successfully continued her modeling career by making an appearance in The CW weekly segments of “My Life As A Cover Girl”, after which she worked alongside Danielle Evans on the advertising commercial for Cover Girl Eyewear in 2007.

Additionally to her win, Cari Dee guest-starred in Cycle 8 of the show to give advice to the final three contestants.

Alexander and Nigel Barker, aired on The CW network.

From the beginning, she was noted for her similarity to Karolína Kurková and Rebecca Romijn, and she finished as the winner of the season, which increased enormously not only her popularity, but also her net worth.

During the show, Cari Dee won five Covergirl of the week awards, plus three first call-outs as well as one challenge, which led her to guest-star in an episode of The CW drama series “One Tree Hill” (2006).

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