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Lacking the 0 needed for musicians' union fees, Mitchell managed a few gigs at the Half Beat and the Village Corner in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood, but she mostly played non-union gigs "in church basements and YMCA meeting halls".Rejected from major folk clubs, she resorted to busking, Without a lot of name recognition, Mitchell also began to realize each city's folk scene tended to accord veteran performers the exclusive right to play their signature songs—despite not having written the songs—which Mitchell found insular, contrary to the egalitarian ideal of folk music.Mitchell is the sole producer credited on most of her albums, including all her work in the 1970s.A blunt critic of the music industry, she quit touring and released her 17th, and reportedly last, album of original songs in 2007.The spindles of the banister were gap-toothed fuel for last winter's occupants." At the time, "the pill" was legally unavailable in Canada, as was abortion, yet there was a strong social stigma against women giving birth out of wedlock.In "Chinese Cafe", from the 1982 album Wild Things Run Fast, Mitchell sang, "Your kids are coming up straight / My child's a stranger / I bore her / But I could not raise her." These lyrics did not receive wide attention at the time.After some quick research, there is no evidence, not even a hint, that anyone every recorded a duet with Joni Mitchell singing her song "Carey." The song has been performed or recorded by others, but none with Joni Mitchell.

Though she never performed jazz herself in those days, she and her friends sought out gigs by jazz musicians. I learned every song off of it, and I don't think there is another album anywhere—including my own—on which I know every note and word of every song." But art was still her chief passion at this stage.At age nine, Mitchell contracted polio in an epidemic, and was hospitalised for weeks.Following this incident she focused on her creative talent, and considered a singing or dancing career for the first time.She stopped at the Mariposa Folk Festival to see Buffy Sainte-Marie, a Saskatchewan-born Cree folk singer who had inspired her.A year later, Mitchell too played Mariposa, her first gig for a major audience, and years later, Sainte-Marie herself covered Mitchell's work.

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