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I’m single (Doesn’t actually matter if you’re dating someone already or not) Sure text you again to set up a date now.Fourth Date: I opted for Shogi again, as this seemed to be her favorite thing and it’s easy to cheese.After completing her side mission she will text you later. You can then go meet her at her usual spot in front of Theater Square, where she’ll have quite the crowd gathered.When she asks if you’ve came to see her sing respond with: Of course.You can then opt to stop him your fists, and you’ll easily slap him around outside. Third Date: I opted to go all in, and respond with “You’re beautiful”.When she texts you back after, respond with the following: Me too. I then opted for the casino, as it was the last place to go to. Don’t be a perv, and assume she’s talking about your calamity.He’ll realize the error of his ways, and head out into the night. She’ll text you once more to meet up, so respond when you’re ready: Fifth “Date”: This time Sana will actually meet you at your office. First Date: For gifts for Namami, any of the items that specify they’re for mature women or mention something along the line of sophistication. After darts you’ll sit down and chat with them: The date will end and you’ll get a text from Nanami, respond with: Let’s hang out, you and me. You’ll have to wait a bit, then text her back again: Busy as usual? After the conversation, you can choose to either call her a taxi or offer to go to another bar. Nanami will stop while walking though, and the jig is up on your fake investigation from earlier.

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Fifth “Date”: Amane’s patron shows up, and makes you an offer you can’t refuse. Respond to her with: But you just didn’t want to admit it?

All the choices listed below are mostly suggestions, a lot of the time there isn’t a specific “right” answer as multiple can give affection raises during any given date or encounter with the girls.

Most dates seem that you can raise affection of each level to maximum halfway through any given date so there are many extra responses if you feel like trying to go at it yourself.

Nanami will then message you, respond with: Yeah, I did. Fifth “Date”: When you get to the marked location, Yukko will message you in a panic, and you’ll run over to help Nanami. After completing Amane’s Side Cases related to Calamities she’ll eventually message you saying thanks, and you can then respond to her and take her out on dates. respond with: I believed you from the start You’re right.

Yukko will then message you, then after you should message Nanami when you’re ready, she’ll ask you to go for dinner with her. When you get there nothing bad has happened though, and Nanami shows up too thinking you were in danger. She’ll message you back a bit later saying a Cow Calamity is going to befall you, and basically just agree to her messages and she sorta talks her way into a totally not date.

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