Who is dustin hoffman dating

“He may have been flirtatious, but it wasn’t to the point of being obscene, because my boyfriend was there,” she said.So she went into the booth and while there she claimed he was hugging her while he was doing his vocal take.

At the time, Kester was dating a man who was working on music for the film.

Because Meryl Streep needed all the help she could get when it came to acting. But Streep quickly began to overshadow her co-star on her own terms, rewriting portions of the script to make her character less contrived and villainous, and delivering a powerful courtroom monologue that ended up winning her an Oscar -- 'Method acting' rendered moot.

"Part of the pleasure she must have taken is showing to Dustin she didn't need to be slapped," director Robert Benton said.

On her third visit, Kester said they were tracking Hoffman’s vocals in a sound booth where he could only be viewed from the chest up from the control room where her boyfriend and an engineer were recording the actor.

Kester said Hoffman was struggling with his vocals and requested that she join him in the sound booth.

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