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If you may, Conner had to go through a restrictive upbringing and was homeschooled till 10 (speculated).Nonetheless, the church has influence over his life decisions such as making friends, life choices and many more.Tom Cruise was born Thomas Cruise Mapother on July 3, 1962 in Syracuse, New York.Interested in drama since the fourth grade, Cruise got his big acting break with a small role in 1981’s “Endless Love.” That led to a major supporting role in “Taps” later that year.Conner in any way stating that he is in good terms with Nicole is likely not appreciated by the Church of Scientology.However, we cannot verify the rumors such as "Conner leaving Scientology" and "Cruise leaving Scientology." However, both the rumors may also be true as per as stated by numerous articles on the web.Moreover, the bearded young man enjoys a distinct short hairstyle with dreadlocks. If his well-behaved and down to earth personality doesn't attract you, his music skills surely will. He is indeed living his dream and repeating his childhood sound experiences.

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Impressively, his remix of "Feed me diamonds", which was picked up by Ultra Records, was featured on the David Letterman show.Of course, the church has a reputation of asserting negative sentiments against those who decides to say bye bye to the religion.Therefore, it is very hard to believe either of Conner or Cruise leaving the religion given Tom's reputation.If you don't know, Nicole and Conner's relationship worsened post Nicole and Tom divorce.Back then, Nicole once even complained that her children call her Nicole instead of calling her mommy.

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