What is postdating a check mean

Usually, a person writes a check like that because the money is not in the account yet. Writing a post-date check is perfectly legal anywhere in the world. A check can be submitted for encashing only on or after the date mentioned on the check has reached.

Until the check's date has reached, it is a worthless piece of paper that has no value.

Post date a check means that you write a check on a day and mention the date of a future day in the check.

i.e., let's say I give you a check today 22 January 2011 and write the check date as 15 February 2011. This means that you cannot cash the check until 15th February 2011 and until then the check is of no value. According to Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, No. If you write a post-dated check, under the clearing rules of the Canadian Payments Association (CPA) your check should not be cashed before the date that is written on it. Banks have no responsibility to review the date on a check to determine if it should be deposited, paid, refused or rejected (this is in Rules and Regulations provided when an account is opened); On a stale dated check, if customer doesn't want check paid, they should place stop payment on it. According the the UCC, a bank can refuse a stale dated or posted check. Post dating a check does not mean that it won't be cashed before that date.

Technically a check is a contract, so if a person took a check into the bank and it was dated for tomorrow, they could not cash it. Writing a post dated check in Pennsylvania is perfectly legal as long as the person to whom you give the check does not submit it for cashing before the date you put on your check.

Most people tend to make out post dated check because they do not have enough money in their account at the time the check is made out. You may need to notify your bank and see if they will watch for and not cash a post dated check.

Any valid signed check can be cashed no matter the date.

It is not against he law for the payee to present the check for payment prior to the date on the check.

Some institutions will pay the check upon presentation, others will not honor it until the date on the check.

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