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Thanks for all the Bozena links :) ,i reckon she's awesome. posting=35360>=1&nats=MTAw MDMx Nzku Mi43NS4x ODMu MC43MDM0MDYy Lj Au MC4w Not only does she have huge tits :thumbsup: but i luv the way she smiles,especially when she's being shagged senseless. posting=35360>=2&nats=MTAw MDMx Nzku Mi43NS4x ODMu MC43MDM0MDYz Lj Au MC4w is one of the hottest, hardcore women on the planet, and damn if she isn't perfect in full, soft curves, with beautiful, over-ample, hanging breasts, with a raven brunette profile that just matches the open, just lightly trimmed bush below, that I desperately wish to enter and become one with whole. that's definitely a good one -- especially clip #2 showing how a large, full set of sagging hangers can offer the "deep pump" tit-fuck (little to no breast bone touching -- just soft flesh cock base to tip). NET, here are some clips from my favorite video of hers (Is this a repeat? I am suprised that no one posted this video of Bozena:nanner:. I did a search, but it didn't seem to be): if any repost: if any repost: man for some truly wonderful clips of the totally fucking awesome Bozena!! I refer to her four-way on the 'tit fucking' thread and wonder if that clip is available for sale on DVD as my computer & computer skills are sadly lacking :crying:!

And with her hair tossed to one side, I'd kiss her deeply, while embracing her full body, cupping one massive, hanging bust with one hand, while I entered her slowly, moving as one, until I reached an uncontrolled climax and exploded inside of her .... From Blue Coyote Pictures (Royal Blue Media): It is so worth the or wherever and however much you find it for. id=455363 tits and a penchant for dropping her panties at any opportunity.

x v i d e o s.com/video332303/simone_fucks_black_dick Love the clip.

If you don't like her stomach, you'll be happy to note that she wears a lot of corsets on film.

She also rides like she's a thin babe, which causes even guys who like thinner babes to totally lose it.

Best I've seen on a FFW/borderline-BBW since Georgina Lempkin (an early '90s FFW/BBW starlet, also from eastern Europe IIRC).

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