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It’s just that we have sex, with consent and knowledge of all involved, with more people rather than just go home and wish we could, like monogamous people often do.

When I was monogamous as a 20-something with a job and disposable income, I would go out with my girlfriend to meet up with male friends and their girlfriends, and everyone would flirt playfully as part of being drunk, young, and horny.

Soon enough, we here at the polyskeptic compound will have a chance to get a little piece of our life out to the world, and what they will see is that we are actually pretty normal most of the time.

We watch movies, have dinner, and go out and get drinks together, just like monogamous people.

And when I have 500 lovers, my wife will leave me, knowing her turn won’t come around for a year and a half, or someshit. Relationships are work, and while I am open to having more lovers if they come around, I’m not looking.

It’s not that I don’t like seeing hot, naked people enjoying each other, it’s that in my poly life nakedness and sex are not ubiquitous, and I think that’s probably true for most polyamorous people.

But I’m not here to analyze the saturation of nakedness in mainstream portrayal of polyamory, but rather the effect that such things have on other poly people, especially those who may be thinking about coming out to their family, friends, etc.

There are many ways to approach polyamory, and I wish that the mainstream presentations were more balanced.

What I think Showtime should have done was to include a family who are less sex-driven, and more about focusing on relationships. But then, of course, less people would watch it, right?

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