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In 2015, Google came under fire when their image-recognition technology began labeling black people as gorillas.

Google trained their algorithm to recognize and tag content using a vast number of pre-existing photos.

Zo is programmed to sound like a teenage girl: She plays games, sends silly gifs, and gushes about celebrities.

In Zo’s case, it appears that she was trained to think that certain religions, races, places, and people—nearly all of them corresponding to the trolling efforts Tay failed to censor two years ago—are subversive.“Training Zo and developing her social persona requires sensitivity to a multiplicity of perspectives and inclusivity by design,” a Microsoft spokesperson said.

“We design the AI to have agency to make choices, guiding users on topics she can better engage on, and we continue to refine her boundaries with better technology and capabilities.

During that time, she’s received a makeover: In 2017, her avatar showed only half a face and some glitzy digital effects.

Her most recent iteration is of a full-faced adolescent.

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