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The reality of long-distance relationships these days aren't quite so heavy-going as there's Skype, Facetime, Facebook video chat and many more ways to keep you connected while you're apart.Lots of happy relationships work this way and can be as rich and rewarding as those where people see each other in person every day.But really, the only way you can start thinking about any of this is to talk about how each of you feels and what the next few months look like.If you're both on the same page then distance doesn’t need to be a barrier.It comes down to getting the balance right: between allowing each other the space to explore all the opportunities that university life can offer and making sure that you make time to communicate effectively.It’s also about not immediately jumping to conclusions that not hearing from your partner ‘means’ something is wrong.My mates keep telling me to end it before I go - are they right or should we stay together? Not that this will be a big consolation, but right now all over the country, lots of relationships are facing break up because of university.

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They jump straight to moving on rather than seeing what could actually happen.

In the end, you and your girlfriend may well have a future together, but don’t develop a blind spot when it comes to other opportunities.

If you or your girlfriend need more help thinking through what to do next, you can try a free Live Chat with a relationship counsellor whenever you need someone to talk to.

We see each other a lot because we live fairly close but next month we’re both heading off to uni - me to Hull and her to Brighton.

We'd originally planned to go to the same uni but in the end I had to go through clearing so it didn't work out.

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