Verizon wireless firmware updating

Then download the Software Upgrade Assistant tool onto your computer, which will check for updates and initiate the update process.

Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce a software update for your device.

For instructions on locating the firmware version on the Delphi Connect device with the 4G LTE mobile hotspot, refer to Verify Firmware Version.

During the device firmware update, the LED indicator is white.

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Finally, does anyone happen to know what the current firmware version is? Verizon has not pushed the update out yet and it’s unknown if they ever will at this point.

When updating a Samsung phone, all of your data, apps and settings will remain in place while this application only updates the phone's firmware and base software.

An important thing about updating your phone's firmware is that certain security features will also be up-to-date and of course, Android features from Google will also be added or updated.

This is for devices released after November 2014 only.

The software update process may take up to 30-90 minutes.

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