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While investigating a drive-by shooting on Detective Bell, Watson agrees to become Holmes' apprentice and moves into The Brownstone.

After finding Irene, Holmes is nearly killed by Isaac Proctor and discovers that Irene is Moriarty.

In just over five years, David grew the IB World school from 100 to over 600 students.

David brings local understanding and international experience to our school.

Our teachers love God, understand how God reveals Himself in their subject area, and are skilled at engaging their students with real world challenges and equipping them to address these challenges in creative and effective ways.

David Michel comes to WRCA with experience as an educator and administrator for over thirty-five years.

David’s vision for students at WRCA is based on cultivating a culture rooted in Christian values, and he strongly believes ‘all students deserve a quality education’.White Rock Christian Academy strives to be a vital part of the kingdom work in the local community.We want to be a centre of educational excellence for our students.Watson becomes the sober companion to Sherlock Holmes, meets Captain Gregson, learns about Holmes' work and his eccentric nature.Watson deals with Holmes meddling with her relationship with Ty Morstan and gets Holmes to realize he's cut himself off from relationships as a penance for his drug use.

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