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However, prior to April 2006, XMLHttp Request was implemented differently across browsers.

For example, Internet Explorer 6 implements XMLHttp Request as an Active X object.

In Ajax, the XMLHttp Request object is what provides the asynchronous communication between Web applications and underlying servers and business services.

With the XMLHttp Request object, clients may retrieve and submit XML data directly to the Web server without reloading the page.

Asynchronous Java Script and XML (Ajax) is a Web development technique that combines Java Script, Document Object Model (DOM), and XMLHttp Request technologies to provide dynamic interaction between a client and server.

As an example, suppose a user fills out a form to add data to a database table.

XML data is converted to renderable HTML on the client side using DOM and Extensible Stylesheet Transformations (XSLT).

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When generated automatically, the generated output validates as HTML 4.01 Strict, XHTML 1.0 Strict or HTML5, and has the same look & feel across all major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 6 .

So yeah, your users are going to skip some fields; enter emails without a ; use weak passwords; and not agree with the Terms of Service… We need to show the users what went wrong when they enter invalid data. What we do, then, is run this function when the form submitted, and if there are errors, we somehow reflect that in the UI. So imagine we have a sign up form, with three fields: name, email, and password.

In this post, we are going to look at the most basic way to do that. When that form is submitted, we want to make sure that: Nice!

An instance of XMLHttp Request object is created in IE 6 with: In April 2006, a W3C Working draft of the XMLHttp Request object was introduced.

As XMLHttp Request object becomes a formal W3C standard, the implementation of the XMLHttp Request object is likely to become even more standardized.

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