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A simple ultrasound could help with this decision, new research suggests.Ultrasound measurements of the cervix, the passageway at the entrance to the uterus that opens up to make way for a baby during delivery, can reveal whether labor is likely within the next week, according to a new study.

This ultrasound is usually between 6 and 10 weeks and is often used to date the pregnancy, establish the number and location of pregnancies and assess the viability of the foetus.

We also look at your baby's spine and limbs including hands and feet.

We will take measurements of certain areas of your baby including the baby's head, abdomen, legs (femur length), arm (humerus length).

is devoted to providing you with a caring and professional obstetric service which includes our dedicated and highly skilled Sonographers, Radiologists and the latest ultrasound technology with 3D/4D capabilities.

Ultrasound has become a routine part of ante-natal care for pregnant women and is a safe way of assessing your baby at different stages of pregnancy.

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