Updating whatsapp nexus 7 android 4 3

Continuing the focus on smoother performance, Android 5.0 offers improved A/V sync.

The audio and graphics pipelines have been instrumented for more accurate timestamps, enabling video apps and games to display smooth synchronized content.

Vector drawables scale without losing definition, so they are perfect for single-color in-app icons.

A new system-managed processing thread called Render Thread keeps animations smooth even when there are delays in the main UI thread.

Advanced connectivity Android 5.0 adds new APIs that allow apps to perform concurrent operations with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), allowing both scanning (central mode) and advertising (peripheral mode).

New multi-networking features allow apps to query available networks for available features such as whether they are Wi-Fi, cellular, metered, or provide certain network features.

Your apps on the big screen Android TV provides a complete TV platform for your app's big screen experience.

Varying notification details may appear on the lock screen if desired by the user.The Android TV Input Framework (TIF) allows TV apps to handle video streams from sources such as HDMI inputs, TV tuners, and IPTV receivers.It also enables live TV search and recommendations via metadata published by the TV Input and includes an HDMI-CEC Control Service to handle multiple devices with a single remote.Performance focus Android 5.0 provides a faster, smoother and more powerful computing experience.Android now runs exclusively on the new ART runtime, built from the ground up to support a mix of ahead-of-time (AOT), just-in-time (JIT), and interpreted code.

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