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Interim releases receive full security maintenance for ‘main’ during their lifespan.A release of Ubuntu is made through several different channels.Please consider donating money to the nix Craft via Pay Pal/Bitcoin, or become a supporter using Patreon. Backup important data, sql and configuration file before server running the following upgrade commands.The following discussion only applies to the SERVER edition. The author is the creator of nix Craft and a seasoned sysadmin, Dev Ops engineer, and a trainer for the Linux operating system/Unix shell scripting.

Important: Ubuntu 16.04 ships with Open SSH 7.2p2, which does not allow It’s a good idea to back up your Linode before performing a major upgrade.

For third-party applications, this means that you will have a very high level of confidence that the app can only see appropriate data that you have provided to it.

Snaps can also be ‘classic’ which means that they behave more like debs, and can see everything on your system.

If your Linode is running a release of Ubuntu older than 14.04 LTS, use the upgrade guides in the Upgrading section to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS first.

You may then upgrade your Linode to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

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