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All ECDIS equipment must undergo a type-approval certification process to ensure it meets IMO Performance Standards for ECDIS.By using this software, Fleet Managers can monitor the progress of their fleet - even if their ships are using paper charts.The use of the SENC Update Issue will save time necessary for installing chart corrections.The downloaded SENC data can be installed by means of "Navi-Planner" (or "Chart Assistant") utility. Run Navi-Planner and select the "Charts" button (select "SENC" option for Chart Assistant). To install chart corrections shipped in SENC Update Issue, click on the "Select Installation Source" button and specify the path to the directory where you have saved the file "Update34_WF84.clb" and press the "Go" button.Updated: 22 August, 2019 There will be no Wk35_19 TADS updates published on the 29 August 2019.TADS Base WF85 will be available for download on the 3rd September 2019.Designed to support voyage planning and chart management , this service allows users to download accurate electronic updates for ADMIRALTY digital products.

The files are packed to ZIP archive so you need to unzip archives before using of the library.When SENC Update Issue extraction is complete, a SENC library named Update34_WF84is created in the current directory.This library contains charts already updated, so you do not need to apply S-57 corrections to update your SENC collection.Transas Navi-Sailor 2400 ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) is a powerful real-time navigation system that integrates official electronic chart data with various types of positioning and navigation systems, including GPS, radar/ Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA) and provides facilities for Voyage data recording, Route Panning and Monitoring, Search and Rescue operations and many other vital tasks.Navi-Sailor 2400 ECDIS fully complies with the international standards set up for this type of equipment.

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