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A poster on the Samsung community forum put the blame squarely on the manufacturer. This is a sad excuse for a solution and Samsung needs to correctly address this via a Password bypass remote unlock via tech support."When a Samsung moderator finally joined the conversation, he said the usual things about the issue being escalated with specialists but admitted that at present a factory reset is the only option.

This update causes the users to be locked out of their smartphones and they cannot seem to get past the lock screen post the update.

He began reviewing smartwatches when Android Wear was a thing and continues to review fitness wearables.

An audiophile, he also reviews audio products every now and then.

Some took their Galaxy S10 to the closest Verizon store and had it reset by their friendly neighborhood rep.

But as you might imagine, not too many Galaxy S10 owners are pleased with the idea of performing a factory reset on their handset. This isn't a simple glitch, Samsung removed the ability to remote unlock using 'find my mobile' and then releases a security update that changes some users Password/ PIN.

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