Updating shower fixtures Filipinasecuritycamfuck com in hongkong 2013

If there are drips, that’s a good indication that you should think about replacing the valve.

Because, not only are you wasting water, but water that leaks behind the wall can cause rot as well as mold and mildew growth.

Yet imagine if you go through all the trouble of remodeling your bathroom to look exactly how you want, only to find that the shower doesn’t work as well as it should.

It takes more than fresh grout or marble tiles to ensure the perfect shower experience.

Some tub spouts may require the use of an Allen wrench to remove the setscrew instead of a screwdriver.

In any event, remodeling your bathroom is a golden opportunity for checking your shower valves and considering replacing them.Pressure-balancing valves are the most common types of shower valves.They work to maintain a constant temperature in the shower by balancing the ratio of hot water to cold water.You’ve probably selected a shower head that features multiple settings, so you’ll always have the exact type of experience you want, depending on the circumstances.The bottom line is that you want your updated bathroom — and shower — to be flawless.

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