Updating light switches

An electrician is often needed to make a good repair in such cases.In everything I have said above, I am assuming power is off while things are replaced.However, because connection mistakes are so possible, have a strategy for checking your work as you proceed.For instance, do one room at a time, replacing outlets and other items, then restore power, checking that everything works right there and also in nearby rooms before going on to the next room.The result will be: Don't connect any black to the green screw.That screw is meant to be given a (bare) ground wire attached to the bundle of grounds, if any, back in the electrical box.Even the replacing of light fixtures is not foolproof.Sometimes the wiring at a light box is passing the circuit through to various outlets in the area, so that care must be taken to connect everything back as it was.

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Consult my diagrams relating to Three-way switches.Otherwise, you will have much more work to recheck later, with possibly more than one goof to complicate the picture.On the subject of upgrading electrical things in general, I have some words of advice about the electrical service upgrade, also known as an electrical service change or a panel change.Or a subpanel can be added and fed from spaces whose present circuits will be relocated to the subpanel.I’m trying to wire a GFI outlet in my bathroom then install a piggy back or double switch for two light switches with no success.

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