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What that means is like a smaller model has one-third, you can get a half, you can get five-eighths, or you could get three-fourths, and that’s what this one is. Another thing I like about this model, it has the quick lock mount collar, so that if you’ve got an In Sink Erator that’s an older model, or it’s not as powerful; all you’ve got to do is just twist that one off, twist this one into place, and you’re good to go. You’re thinking, “I don’t want a spotted countertop”. Now, what I like about this is that it’s got three-fourths horsepower. And you work randomly; you don’t want to go in a row. Stephanie Ward: I mean, right now, this does not look good. Ashley Fleming: No, at first it’s okay if it look like this. The tilt-out hardware dismounts onto the old false doorframe and gets screwed into place. And the footprint on the screws that go into the cabinet itself are the same, that way you don’t have any touch-up, any worry, and when you get to this stage in the game, it makes it go real easy. When it gets like that, you haven’t messed up, but it is a little thick. And maybe, if you start seeing the same pattern too much, you can kind of rotate the sponge. Ashley Fleming: And you don’t want to twist, though. You also want to make sure the offset in the hinge is the same.

First of all, we recently did a countertop and we used a finish that looks just like granite that was very easy to apply, so, maybe we can talk to the folks that do that and see if we can take care of that. Danny Lipford: Also, you know, this kind of out-dates the kitchen. We could maybe upgrade that to, say, polished nickel? Danny Lipford: That’d look pretty good and kind of go along with your sink and so forth. They’ve not only agreed to send us one of their granite finish kits, they’re sending an expert, Ashley Fleming, to help Stephanie apply the finish.

You’re going to be scraping the surface and cleaning the blade. Work quickly; you get the job done with no problem at all.

As they’re masking around the countertop edges, Stephanie’s husband Jamey drops in on his lunch break. And the reason this is a nice, handy tip is that when you’re finishing a piece of furniture, you’re going to be doing this a lot.

Yeah, the different colors, the layering of the different mineral paints, really give it that granite-rock look.

Danny Lipford: You know, these things are in such good shape. Danny Lipford: I won’t have to do any staining on them at all, but I know you picked up what some clear polyurethane? And I figured we could just spray the front of the doors and it’ll look really nice. Danny Lipford: But first, we have to get them cleaned. Danny Lipford: This is going to be great but they’ve gotten that to a point where it’s already primed inside. Ashley Fleming: Yeah, we take this sponge and we dip it into our mineral colors and we’re going to apply those right down on the countertop. Danny Lipford: While you guys are doing that, I’ll teach Alan a thing or two about installing some hardware on the cabinets, all right? Danny Lipford: Okay, so you started without me here, I was going to show you how to install cabinet hardware. Ashley Fleming: So when you go to hit the, touch the countertop, just a light dab.

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