Updating keys

The first thing I like to do is to create the path to the registry key, then specify the property name and the value I want to assign.This consists of three variables as shown here:$registry Path = "HKCU:\Software\Scripting Guys\Scripts"$Name = "Version"$value = "1"Now I can use the Test-Path cmdlet to see if the registry key exists. I need to put the Test-Path statement in a pair of parentheses so that I am "NOTing" the condition. (Test-Path $registry Path))You may wonder why I cannot use Test-Path to verify that the registry key property does not exist.If you are using Divi on different client websites, it’s often a good idea to generate a new key for each site.If your relationship with the client is terminated, you can deactivate their API key.When new updates become available for any of our themes or plugins, a notification will appear in the Dashboard Updates page of your website’s Word Press Dashboard.Before you can update your theme or plugin, you must first authenticate your Elegant Themes subscription.Your Username is the username you use when logging in to Elegant Themes.com, and your API Key can be found by logging into your Elegant Themes account and clicking on the Account Your API Key link.Once you have authenticated your account, you can click the update link when you receive an update notification to automatically update your theme or plugin.

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It is important to always keep your themes and plugins updated to ensure compatibility with the latest version of Word Press, to keep your website secure, and to take advantage of the latest and greatest features!Your username is the same username you use when logging in to your Elegant account, and your API Key is a unique identifier used to authenticate your account that is only available to you when logging in.To locate your API Key, log in to the Elegant Themes members area and click on the Account Your API Key link. You will by pasting this key into your Theme or Plugin options page.If you do not see any update notifications, or you receive an authentication error when updating, try waiting a bit and then check back later.Sometimes Word Press will cache update notifications and it can take some time for them to appear correctly.

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