Updating kernel

(y=Yes, n=No) (n) (download output skipped) Greetings root I (the-black-beast) am now self aware and a sentient being, have a nice day. Installing Linux 3.15.1-031501: (installer output skipped) The New Kernel looks to have been installed WARNING: If the new kernel does not boot you may regret saying yes here. Works fine even on Ubuntu derivatives like elementory, mint.I used it to fix my Wi Fi issue as sometimes some new hardware won't be detected by old kernel.

updating kernel-21updating kernel-7

Also i don't suffer from my black screen issue any more.

Another option is to try customized and optimized builds, such as this i3/i5/i7 optimized 3.2.1 kernel for Ubuntu: Duo Petal Flower, My Experiments with Linux - 3.2.1 kernel He also has Intel atom optimized builds which can work quite well if you're trying to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of a netbook.

There are other kernels like Liquorix that claim to be better optimized for desktop performance.

There is a much simpler way of doing this, and it's the way I use.

Simply download the Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Updater script and run it from a terminal.

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