Updating jtable

i'm using the following things in my project - editor- netbeans 7.2 framework - core java database - mysql 5.0.96 my question- i have a jtable with just one column made editable, when the user edit's the content of the table from front-end i want to update my table in back-end with the edited value, and how do i do it?

you are probably doing something right in class A which updates the table but not in B.

You might want to implement an undo/redo capability, but on the other hand you don't have that in the version with the "Save" button so you might not need it in an "instant-update" version.

Hi, I have an app the main window is a JFrame and it has a JInternal Frame in it which is a search window with a Jtable.

It is when I try to set field4 it goes in field3 Did you check that *the object's field3* is really changed (data) or do you just *see* it in that table that way (view)?

Difficult to help without your code :°/ But I guess it is too much to post... It is impossible if you use this in the table model: public Object get Value At(int row, int col) Hi, I've wrote some independant code that is doing similar to what is happening here, if you have the time to take a look that would be great, thanks.

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