Updating jeppeson database

First, it’s important to note that this is not a merger, as some pilots have speculated.Jeppesen and Fore Flight are both very clear that they have reached a contractual agreement to share data and partner on software development.While neither company spelled out specifics, it looks like essentially Fore Flight will be driving the Flite Deck Pro app.As Jeppesen said, “The solution will respect the heritage of Flite Deck Pro, while also embracing capabilities from Fore Flight Mobile that many professional pilots already have experience using.” Currently, Jeppesen’s app focuses mostly on displaying charts, so adding Fore Flight features like touch planning and smart NOTAMs should be a welcome upgrade. We use the latest 128-bit secure socket Layer Encryption technology to protect all the account information and order details.Verisign certifies that our site and every transaction are secured.In addition, Fore Flight will use Jeppesen Nav Data to drive its airport information and moving map display.This database has been the standard in both portable and panel-mount GPSs for decades.

Here we’ll explain what the specifics of the partnership are, how pilots will be affected, and why it matters.

The business side of this deal is also quite interesting for what it reveals about the market and some of the big players in it.

While Jeppesen has long had a strong foothold in the commercial aviation segment, they have struggled mightily to stay relevant in general aviation.

The relationship works both ways: Jeppesen will add their worldwide database and charts to Fore Flight, while Fore Flight will work with Jeppesen to overhaul their Flite Deck Pro app.

Essentially, Fore Flight gets what they want (high quality worldwide data and charts) and Jeppesen gets what they want (a vastly improved i OS app).

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