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Seems to read other DVDR I have burned in the past fine.

Mind you I have many many Terrabytes of data burned onto DVDR.

I have been looking all around trying to figure this out.Looks as though No Firmware Update of any kind will revive this drive "For Burning" that is.... Anyway, thats the skinny of it, I found my answer, but I found it in a manner I did not expect! Sugarbear246I've watched folk try to revive dead burners with firmware.The results seem to fade with each year the drive ages.GOT ONE PROBLEM THOUGH, THE COMMAND PROMPT TELL ME (I NEED THE \u0022KERNEL\u0022 THAT GOES ALONG WITH THE FIRMWARE UPDATE, BUT I\u0027LL BE DARNED IF I CAN FIND (\u0022WHERE TO DOWNLOAD (DVR-107d V.122 \u0022KERNEL\u0022? by sugarbear246 - 8/25/10 PMI have a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-107D--(DVD/CD Rom Drive) (Burner). Reading posts like I wonder if you are trying the HACK THE DRIVE or just trying to save an old dead drive. Unfortunately; I have also Visited this Same Link and the Error Message I received is "Target Not Found"... I FIND THIS TO BE INTERESTING, SINCE THIS IS A DIRECT LINK TO A PIONEER WEB PAGE?I AM TRYING TO UPDATE THE (FIRMWARE TO THE LATEST VERSION V1.22)I successfully downloaded the (Firmware) and KNOW THE COMMAND TO RUN AT THE:"COMMAND PROMPT", AND I HAVE THE FIRMWARE DOWNLOADED AND INSTALLED IN THE (PROPER DIRECTORY TO RECEIVE MY COMMAND)! I did however find a link to a DVR-107D Firmware Update from a European Union web page that (INSTALLED WITHOUT A PROBLEM)!

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