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The below screen print shows the updated text in our example.exec sp_dropextendedproperty @name=N' SNO' ,@level0type = N' Schema', @level0name = 'dbo' ,@level1type = N' Table', @level1name = 'mytest' ,@level2type = N' Column', @level2name = 'sno' go We have seen the how to add, update and delete Extended Properties in SQL Server.

In this tip we will show how we can add Extended Properties.The properties can be updated for tables, views, triggers and so on.Developers can use this feature for extensive database objects which can be used for reference for many SQL Server objects.The function can be found in the master database under Programmability exec sp_updateextendedproperty @name = N' SNO' ,@value = ' SNO ID must be unique.' ,@level0type = N' Schema', @level0name = 'dbo' ,@level1type = N' Table', @level1name = 'mytest' ,@level2type = N' Column', @level2name = 'sno' GO The update stored procedure is used to update the value in the extended property as “SNO ID must be unique”.The update stored procedure is similar to the add stored procedure which accepts the same parameters and its retrieves the row based on the Name property which is ‘SNO’ in our example.

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