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💬 Home🔎 Search📅 Latest Identity Help Open discussion area. Should I be concerned, or am I just being a bit paranoid? Check back soon." I've paid via Paypal so if it does go wrong I should at least get my money back. It will be available when the shipper provides an update or the package is delivered to USPS. I've entered the tracking number on the USPS website and it says: "Label Created, not yet in system A status update is not yet available on your package.My last purchase, made in February, arrived last week. But it came in undamaged and I got a SWEET aqua on quartz that was pretty fragile... But I have reached a point where I am over saturated with specimens and will not be buying specimens much anymore.However, I have yet to NOT get a package since they switched from DHL. My philosophy has changed to where I want to trade and find my specimens going forward.Well this is apparently being sent via USPS, and according to e Bay the estimated delivery date is between Monday 4th June and Wednesday 20th June, so I know it'll take a while assuming nothing goes wrong. I paid for that lot of 7 crystals, which total 23 carats, so I think that's not too bad if they arrive intact.

I don't mean to make you more paranoid, but that is the risk we all take with online buying, why it is important to do your homework and thoroughly research a seller's reputation and reviews, and to remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So the USPS do deal with items from Pakistan for international postage then?

And, there usually is NO tracking after its left Pakistan until it arrives in the US.

So there is a long period you'll get ZERO info re: the package.

Good luck, and let's look forward to seeing photos your you specimens! I knew this was probably going to be riskier than buying from a domestic seller, but the crystals are just so beautiful I was willing to take the risk.

I'll keep an eye on the tracking page and hopefully there will be an update within the next day or so.

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