Updating a jlist

Now, run the program and select a few items (single, multiple, contiguous, non-contiguous) and check the output on the console.

Now, deselect all items in the list and check the output on the console.

Default List Model will send all the needed notifications to the JList UI part for you.

if you have more specific problem, just post it here thank you for your answer!

i hope enough information, let me know if need know else, thanks.

edit have managed fix this, relief :d it had nothing listmodel @ all, bankaccountdao class.

/* * To change this template, choose Tools | Templates * and open the template in the editor.Key Event; import *; import javax.swing.border.*; import javax.swing.*; import event.*; import Dimension; import *; /* * Button requires the following files: * images/* images/* images/*/ public class test3 extends JPanel implements Action Listener, List Selection Listener, Key Listener, Focus Listener{ private master m; JList objects L;// = new JList(); JList types L;// = new JList(); JText Field url; JText Field key Word; Default List Model list Model; public test3() ; objects L = new JList(objects); objects Selection Mode(List Selection Model.I'm trying to update a JList based on an Array created from class Server Core, specifically i'm setting array strings in the hope it will be updated by the JList, at the moment the JList stays static.you have to extend Abstract List Model and implement those methods get Element At(int) get Size() whenever data in your model changes you should call one of these methods fire Contents Changed(Object, int, int) and Abstract List Model will inform the UI part about changes in the Model, UI part will ask you about the new data and repaint itself.So you are holding the data in your favourite Vector :), you can implement whatever methods you need for modifing it and JList just paints it ...

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