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But the one constant has been Banks; even last season when Rita Ora was host, Banks served as executive producer and appeared in the premiere and finale.

With Banks returning as host and main judge, here are some suggestions to make Cycle 24 the best one yet (and win back some of the waning ratings). Keep Ashley Graham Graham, who was a judge in Cycle 23, is an actual working model and fits the “body positivity” messaging Banks has promoted throughout the series.

“It’s that sort of presence when you walk into a room.” Whether Tyra Banks is a verbally abusive monster or just an ex-model with an abundance of star quality remains to be seen.

However, there are several examples from the The elimination scene, which, in GIF form, is destined to survive the apocalypse and outlive us all, pits contestants Rebecca and Tiffany against each other.

Unfortunately, like a 5’7” ’s May 30th premiere, a new suit is alleging that Banks caused the underage daughter of a would-be contestant “severe emotional distress.” Whoever said that there’s no such thing as bad publicity has never been accused of verbally abusing a minor and insinuating that she “was accidentally conceived.” Any reader who takes a casual gander at these court docs will likely be shocked and scandalized by Banks’ alleged misconduct.

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" Well, if they did like her before, they probably don’t now.

She’s popular and opinionated; we’re not sure Banks would share the spotlight. Bring back Nigel Barker The model turned photographer would bring back his behind-the-lens expertise to the panel (he sat on the panel for 17 seasons — longer than any other judge).

He’s also very opinionated and would challenge Banks. Mix up the photographers In Banks’ last season as host (Cycle 22), Erik Asla was photographer for twelve photo shoots — nearly all of them.

On Thursday, it was announced the Tyra Banks was returning to “America’s Next Top Model” — a show she created — after a one season hiatus.

Over the show’s 23 cycles (seasons), there have been numerous judging panel and format changes, including a short-lived fan voting system, and the introduction of male models.

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