Trunk monkey dating commercial

As news of spread, NASIOC members started purchasing stuffed monkeys and mounting them in various locations in their cars.

Sean created a photo gallery, and members started submitting photos of their Trunkmonkeys in various poses.

Suburban Auto Group released a series of Trunk Monkey Super Bowl commercials for 20.

The ad agency that produced these commercials is R/West.

The Trunk Monkey television ads, loosely based on this concept, were created in 2003 by the advertising agency R/West in Portland, Oregon.

Originally created for the Suburban Auto Group of Sandy, Oregon, the spots have also been syndicated to multiple dealerships across the country.

After a few weeks, the idea of the Trunkmonkey had spread to all the regional club forums and had become a piece of everyday conversation.

The domain name was registered on March 23, 2000 to start up a Web site dedicated to the joke, which Sean designed.

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Voicemail was left for R/West in March, 2003, and Jessa Barnes got back to Sean via e-mail on March 11, 2003.

The chimpanzee also administers first aid to the driver after an accident.

In addition, its security abilities are effective during a driver's daughter's first date or an alien invasion.

Trunk Monkey is a concept originally created in January, 2000 by Sean Sosik-Hamor for the automotive group of Subaru enthusiasts in the New England Subaru Impreza Club, or NESIC.

The original concept of a "Trunk Monkey" was a small stuffed animal placed in the trunk of a vehicle which came alive and jumped from side to side to help distribute weight during "spirited driving maneuvers".

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