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Their efforts include the use of spies sent to operate in the U. According to Gerardo Hernández, the leader of the cell, and as reported by Saul Landau in the political magazine Counter Punch, the network observed and infiltrated a number of Cuban-American groups: Alpha 66, the F4 Commandos, the Cuban American National Foundation, and Brothers to the Rescue. government also accused the remaining four of lying about their identities and sending 2,000 pages of unclassified information obtained from U. Instead, they used it to uncover the spy network that included the Cuban Five. All five were arrested in Miami on September 12, 1998 and were indicted by the U. government on 25 counts, including charges of false identification and conspiracy to commit espionage.The court found that they had infiltrated Brothers to the Rescue, a Miami-based organization that flew small aircraft over the Florida straits in efforts to rescue rafters fleeing Cuba, and had on some flights intentionally violated Cuban airspace and dropped leaflets. Seven months later, Gerardo Hernández was indicted for conspiracy to commit murder in connection with the shoot-down of the Brothers to the Rescue aircraft. District Court for Southern Florida in Miami and lasted seven months. The prosecution also applied for an emergency writ, which was denied, that the instructions should exclude reference to jurisdiction.Leahy reported that prison conditions for Gross improved after he had assisted Pérez and Hernández.In addition to the three remaining Cubans who were returned to Cuba, Rolando Sarraff Trujillo, a Cuban who had worked as an agent for American intelligence until his arrest in November 1995 was returned to the United States.In the United States, the campaign was most conspicuously represented by the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five which was represented in twenty U. Evidence presented at their husbands' trial revealed that one of these women was a member of the Wasp Network who was deported for engaging in activity related to espionage and is ineligible to return to the United States. In April 2009, a Brazilian human rights group, Torture Never Again, awarded the Five its Chico Mendes Medal, alleging that their rights had been violated, declaring that "their mail is censored and their visiting rights are very restricted." In 2011, Brazilian writer Fernando Morais wrote The Last Soldiers of the Cold War, about the Cuban Five.The other was a candidate for training as a Directorate of Intelligence U. The book is based on over 40 interviews and documents of the governments of United States and Cuba.It said they were spying on Miami's Cuban exile community, not the US government.

The exchange of prisoners coincided with Cuba's release of American contractor Alan Phillip Gross, although the governments characterized the release of Gross as being unrelated to the prisoner exchange.

In May 2009, in response to the request for Supreme Court of the United States review of the panel decision by Judge Pryor, Solicitor General Elena Kagan, on behalf of President Barack Obama, filed a brief asking that the petition for a writ of certiorari be denied.

In June 2010 Cuban Five defense lawyer Leonard Weinglass was preparing to file a new round of appeals that would include evidence of U. government payments to journalists who later authored negative articles before and during the original trial of the Cuban Five. treatment of the Cuban Five as "unnecessarily punitive and contrary both to standards for the humane treatment of prisoners and to states' obligation to protect family life", as the wives of René Gonzáles and Gerardo Hernández were denied visas to visit their imprisoned husbands.

S.-based exile groups such as Coordination of United Revolutionary Organizations (CORU), Alpha 66, and Omega 7.

In a 2001 report by Cuba's Permanent Mission to the United Nations, the Cuban government cataloged 3,478 deaths as a result of "terrorism", "aggression", "acts of piracy and other actions".

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