Terraria no longer updating

However, we are still planning at least one more bug fix for Terraria.

So no more additions, no new ores or monsters, or bosses.

For those who don’t remember, the game was released back in 2011.

Many updates later, the Re-Logic has decided that they’ll be releasing their last update.

They kind of want to just update the game and leave it in a good place. I’m just your typical consumer who has some opinions to share. I started out reviewing them with friends on old forums that now no longer exist.While Terria is often compared to Minecraft, AKA, the 2D Minecraft, we should definitely give the game the respect it deserves.Terraria will be going through its final major content update for the game, dubbed Journey’s End.With such a major patch — one that essentially replaced all the game's old code — bugs were expected, and developer Pipeworks Studio has just released a patch to deal with some of the more unpleasant ones.Perhaps most urgently, Pipeworks said the bug that caused players' files to be overwritten when they joined a multiplayer game has been fixed.

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