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take a second to recognize the adorableness that is Taylor Swift's new pint-sized kitten? @womenshealthmag #geniuspetname her name is Blue because it's our favorite color and my boyfriend wanted to name her zelda or spiderman and i just wasnt havin that.#geniuspetname My name is Corzo like the #corzo silver tequila, because you always get happy when you around me and I make you feel warm and full of joy!If its white fur and blue eyes aren't cute enough, you'll be happy to learn that the feline also has a very cool name. Also, because I'm #dapper #silver #fun #passoutafterfundays #accidentsinthehouse #fullofflavor #lovelife #alwaysreadytoparty This pretty lady is named Polly Molly. I named him Sebastian because he has extra toes and his paws remind me of crab claws (Sebastian from the Little Mermaid) #ilovedisney #ilovecats #makesebastianfamous #hewasdistractingmefromyoga This is Xena the Warrior Princess.In 2009, Swift netted several awards for her work on Fearless, including Video of the Year and Female Video of the Year for "Love Story" at the CMT Music Awards.Taylor had grown to be a pretty girl with long blonde hair. We all know Taylor Swift has LOADS of money, but now she’s been crowned the highest earning Singer. Our Taylor Swift net worth figure comes from a detailed study of the star’s music sales, concert tours, acting, endorsements, taxes and expenses.Model who is known for having appeared on various magazine covers.She has appeared on the cover of Fitness magazine on multiple occasions. #Genius Pet Name #pug #pugs #cutepets I made her redo this pic hehe #tbt to last summer when we became parents.

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If anything ever happens, however, go to Lainey's Twitter for updates as many of you did. Hits like "Love Story" and "You Belong With Me" appealed to country and pop fans alike and helped fuel the multiplatinum success of her albums, with Fearless the 2009 top-seller.By fourth grade, Taylor had won a national poetry contest for the poem Monster in My closet.First off, the NHL has reportedly booked Dodger Stadium on January 25, 2014, and the popular rumor is that the facility will play host to an outdoor game between the LA Kings and our very own Anaheim Ducks.Me, the moment tickets become available for the California Classic, 2014.

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