Taylor swift dating justin gaston accommodating style of conflict

But his acting history is less high profile — IMDB explains he starred as “himself” on Entertainment Tonight.Picture to Burn 2009: 7.5 In a strange turn of events, the first guy we ranked from Taylor’s early years was her definite “Picture to Burn.” Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.Dominic Sherwood in “Style”Never once do we actually believe he’s a small town waiter -- not with that face, he’s not -- but it doesn’t matter. Taylor upped her game for “Blank Space” and takes full advantage of having her hottest music video boyfriend yet, dressing him in different tuxes and capes and sweater sets and little equestrian pants, each one better than the last. Bonus points for adorably interacting with little children. This video seems like a relic of Taylor Swift past -- she's a nerd because she wears glasses, cheerleaders and girls in the bleachers have to be at war, and teenagers make grand romantic displays for each other -- but, as corny as the video might be, he’s so adorable in it that we just don’t care. Scott Eastwood in “Wildest Dreams”He can pull off a pair of khakis, that's for sure. According to Forbes, his modeling career started in the humble and uncomfortable setting of My Space.

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MORE: How Taylor Swift Turned One Music Critic Into a Die-Hard Swifty 9. Zach Gilford in “Ours”By being the most successful male model in the world. On April 14, 2010, Gaston performed a duet on Simon Fuller's American Idol with Brooke White, the fifth place finalist on season 7.Gaston's song choice was the Elvis Presley ballad, "If I Can Dream".13, 2003, he’ll be sure to wow any mothers you might bring him home to.Blank Space: 7.5 As the highest-paid model in 2013, Sean O’Pry could certainly afford “new money, suit and tie” and has been featured in magazines for Taylor to read.

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