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It will switch which character you are playing with each time you choose a game. Your Tamagotchi will sign autographs from characters that come up to it.You need to press the left and middle buttons, depending on what side the fan comes up on.It's a photo retouching site, just upload your photo and I will make you look like a photo model from a fashion magazine :) Price is only per photo. You can chat with other visitors on this site in real time.

If you get the male character Prince Tamahiko, he needs to marry Rosetchi.

A regular visitor to this site mentioned the following trick that can be applied for the Tamagotchi V5.

I thought that it was worth posting here:"if you want to get a certain character to mate your tama, but it isn't coming up on the dating show, and you run out of chances do this.

There are more items in the V5C than in the regular V5, but they still have the same basic functions.

Some items you can buy from the TV Shopping channel will also raise bonding by a small bit.

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