Symbolic interaction dating

It is sometimes considered as supplemental, rather than a full theory, because it is restricted to studying small interactions between individuals.While this is true, symbolic interactionism gives a different perspective to sociology that is necessary for fully understanding a society.Bloomer's first tenet was that we act based on the meaning we have given something.I consider the tree as a place to rest, so I'll go lean against it.The same thing can have a different meaning for different people.For the person talking to me, the tree is a breeding ground for creepy crawlies, and they are going to avoid it.

It examines society on a small scale and gives the individual the same importance as the society as a whole and is a necessary view when studying a society.Symbolic interactionism takes a small scale view of society.It focuses on a small scale perspective of the interactions between individuals, like when you hang out with a friend, instead of looking at large scale structures, like education or law.The theory was compiled from the teachings of George Herbert Mead in the early 20th century.He believed that the development of the individual was a social process, as were the meanings individuals assigned to things.

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