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The Company is a privately-owned operator of cable/satellite services for multi-unit dwellings. Nonetheless, at September 30 2016 there were 3 BDCS with mn in aggregate exposure, dating back to the IIIQ of 2015.Principally the BDC investments are in the form of senior debt due in 2020, but there is Preferred and equity as well.

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At registration, you'll receive a wristband and map that will outline the entire event so you can choose your favorite destinations and plan your evening.The Company has been on Watch List status from inception, judging by the valuations.The BDC Credit Reporter has the Company as Under Performing, with a Corporate Credit Rating of 3, but with a Credit Trend Down at September 2016 vs the prior quarter. No matter what stage you are at in your business, there is something you've done well. Think of it as a quick date with an idea:-) Instead of dates, you'll walk about with multiple tested ideas to grow or manage your business more effectively.

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