Southern dating culture

It's not "sugarcoat" it's called respect and it's part of our upbringing, if you haven't been raised in the South than you wouldn't understand, a Southern gentleman will respect you as long as you respect him and even at that we would never say anything derogatory about a woman nor treat her unfairly, because our Mama would smack us upside our head if we did... You grow up around Southern men and naturally your more comfortable with them.Southern men are more laid back and carry themselves with a bit of swagger. We know the same places, famalies, vacation spots and my experience with Northern men is that they want sex and then go to the bar or to hang out with their "buds" because that must be done daily.I'm going to switch my EHarmony settings and see if I can tap into that market and pick some brains I'm so curious what the deal is up there with the women.I don't even seriously pursue most of my matches I just get into banter with them most of the time. Northern guys here, in the main, but certainly not all, drink pints of beer, usually what is termed real ale, bitter, or some 'craft' beer, but you will find lagers, similar in colour to beers that you'd be more familiar with in the U. Southern men drink pints as well, but you'll find more southern men drinking gin and tonic, or vodka and tonic, bourbon and scotch, than you'll see up North.No Yankee men have names like Joey, Will, and Bill. Southern mothers debate names for children starting at around 12.

Than you have the careerist type of woman who is also 30 something, single, been with lots and lots of men, chasing top quality men and ignored descent men since the days since she graduated college, to being a middle manager at some Manhattan firm.

Overall, the best place for American women is the Bosh Wash Corridor, lots of sex, being a single mom is a plus, but a good chance no husband, while the rest of America, landing a husband should be easy.

Bo-Wash is terrible for women from the outside looking in.

Most of these women are broke, or have poor savings, loads of debt from college.

Most decent good men will date them, but these women wont accept their terms, until when its time to really settle down.

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