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Before we start: this is my page about SMF versions 1.1.11 and below. Enter the database user and password you just created. Inside, you'll want to look at the colors for body, catbg, tborder, and perhaps more. It actually tells you where in the SMF panel to go look for the mod once installed! I inserted this in index.template.php, just after "The main content should go here." It gives me a new topic button, but not exactly in the right place. Then select the right-edge and shift-drag left or right to fit your text. Then repeat with the other layer (INSIDE or OUTSIDE). For versions 2.0 RC3 and above, please visit my SMF 2 page, which includes upgrade instructions. On this page, I would like to assemble the best tips and resources for SMF. Install Firefox's Firebug extension: When you hover over elements of the page, it shows you what parts of the css to change. Here are the mods I run on 1.1.11 (see below for 2.0). Recaptcha (for registration) No Reply Emails (avoids blasting a real email address) SMF User Email System (to prevent email harvesting) All Topics Unsubscriber (allows user to unsubscribe from all threads) Look but No Read (tease guests, forcing them to register if they want to read a post Hide Info Center from Guests (keep your stats to yourself) Minimize Footer (removes three logos) Quote Clear Lines (prettier replies) Link Tree (easier navigation) Here are the mods I wasn't able to install as of this post Users in Last 24 Hours Remove quoted images (keeps the boards pretty) DNS Blocklist Bans (stop known spammers at the door) [xml, need to research how to install] Anti Spam: Prevent Posting Links (I have not turned it on) [xml] Mods I'm Contemplating Colorize Boards Bookmarks Here's a list of recommended mods. In the Admin panel, when there is a notification that you need to update the forum, updating can be as simple as following the update link. Someone sent me these instructions, which work better. We need to change the gradients in the INSIDE and OUTSIDE layers. For B, take the first two numbers of A (in my example, 00). In my example, this gives me this value for B: 2F75AC.Websoft9 Simple Machines Forum is a pre-configured, ready to run image for running Simple Machines Forum on Alibaba Cloud.On the pieces of code that specify a background with both a jpg and a color, I notice that I am happier scrapping the jpg. background: #006666 url(images/catbg2.jpg) repeat-x; ). Otherwise, in the images folder, take catbg.jpg, catbg2and titlebg.jpg, and change the color in Photoshop. However, if there is a hickup with permissions on your server, the update link can generate a "File Not Found" error. Open that link, save the zip file to your hard drive then upload it to Admin/Packages folder. You are free to use the buttons as they are, or you can modify them (size, color, text) by following these instructions. Copy any of the Photoshop (PSD) files, rename it for your new button. Make sure the Layers panel is displayed (Windows, Layers).

To hide it by default, open Themes/default, search for "hide Email", and change the line like so: Basically, you are only typing the word "checked", without quote marks or equal sign or anything.

Select File / Save As, select Compuserve Gif, rename the button to the name of the file it is meant to replace in your theme's images/english folder. Usually this is done with a line in .htaccess, something like ' Add Handler application/x-httpd-php5 .html', but ask your ISP about the exact syntax for your server.

Smiles, Andy Hi Adewale, you need to tell your server to use the php engine to 'parse' files with an html extension.

SMF’s Admin section has a built-in database backup function. It does work in some cases, but not in others, so it should not be used, unless you have no other way to acquire the backup of the database.

To restore your backed-up database, you do exactly the same as to back up, except that instead of clicking “Export”, you click “Import”.

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