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When she died, her son came in and asked if I’d do her hair for the funeral. That’s the other thing that’s great about the job – hearing other people’s problems and life issues really helps to prioritise your own.

I went to her house and he propped her up while I gave her a blow dry – that was pretty surreal. Just last week I was with a lady who had just miscarried. I treat all of my clients like I treat my friends, and I’m lucky that they are all so diverse." CARLY Price, 32, from Newton Abbot, Devon, works at the salon Muse Of London.

STYLIST Shaquira Love, 24, from ­Stratford, East London, has been working in salons since she was 14.

Now the owner of her own salon, Ms Love Hair, she gets advice from her ­clients as well as giving it out.

They’ve done their 12 steps recovery programme and, ­seeing them come through addiction has been incredible. Having been a stylist for 25 years, he reckons he has heard it all.

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She says: "I’ve had thousands of people sit in my chair and tell me their deepest secrets.In a fit of anger she’d gone to the other woman’s workplace and had it out with her.When she told me her name, I realised the other woman was a client of mine too.It can be tough hearing stories that break your heart but it does prioritise some of the things in my own life. It’s definitely a two-way relationship with advice when you come and sit in my chair." KRISTINE Cimbule, 29, of KC Studios in Notting Hill, West London, has even helped clients find love.She says: "I’ve got a lot of empathy and my clients know they can talk to me.

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