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One of his more unusual jobs was building the carriages for the Sandgate Hill lift in 1891.

It was one of four cliff lifts in the Folkestone area taking visitors up and down from the beach to the grassy Leas and the town above.

It was drizzling and later rained hard, but he did not take a coat with him. This was in the days when there was a railway line running from Sandling station, which is still in use, down to Hythe station which has long since closed.

Shortly after nine thirty, the driver of the train from Sandling to Hythe felt a bump and felt his ballast shift, as if he had hit something.

In the countryside round the town, the nights were very dark in winter.

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William and Blanche had three sons, Robert, William and Frederick and after their father’s death, of cancer in 1893, their business became Messrs Worthington Bros, Coach Builders. William had married Mary Anne and had four children and they lived in his father’s former home overlooking the canal.

It seems likely that the verdict was a kind decision on the part of the jury designed to help William’s family and widow, and not just from the stigma of suicide.

He had two insurance policies on his life, but they only covered accidental death.

I can’t find out when he joined up, but he was killed in the Arras offensive on , although his body was never found.

His mother had to wait fifteen months after his disappearance for the War Department to declare him dead.

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