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In the institutions of this city and in the many channels of business are each day seen evidences of increasing opportunities for intellectual, mor- al, financial and spiritual gain and growth. The following is a complete record of the elective officers of Greenville from 1856 to date.

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In May 1865 a stranger rode up to Banner's house and aske i for lodg- ing and without further conversa- tion, drew a pistol and shot Sanner through the head. Shields drew a poinard from his cane and stabbed Reavis near the heart. Turning now to the industrial side of this period of the sixties, it may be stated without fear of suc- cessful contradiction that from the time the first passenger train was run from Greenville to St.

The bodies of Captain William Colby and Lieutenant Ives, who were killed in battle, arrived in town June 29, 1863. The advent of this road gave Greenville an impetus such as it had never Dr. In the fall of 1873 there was a pressing demand for houses an 1 the town began to go forward again. White and others, much of this early history was collated and some of it was published. At the time of his death, March, 1891, he •w&s Mayor of Greenville, President of the Board of Education, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Congregational Church.

There was a great sorrow because of the death of these two beloved men. D Wi LKi NS, Deceased, Who came to Greenville in 1854 and practiced medicine until a few vears priur to his death July 22, 1905. As soon as the farmers found here a market for their products, they came here to trade, and merchants soon discover- ed that a new order of things had been inaugurated. Moss, Trustee and one of tbe founders of Green- Owner of large property interests. In the year 187 4 there were so many burglaries that the business men met at the First National Bank and arranged for a night watchman and Greenville has not been with- out such an official since. Toward the end of the decade, in 1877, to be exact, many new residences spoke of Increased population. ment and services at the church were dismissed, while people rushed frantically about searching for their loved ones, and finding all safe, al- though some were bruised. Vernon was visited by a cyclone Greenville sent 7.30 to the sufferers of that city.

Fortunately no one was severely injured in the storm but there was great excite- Res IDENCE of E. Up to this time the growth had been slow but steady.

After the Van- dalia Line had been safely launch- ed, the people sank back on their laurels and the usual course of business was allowed to run smooth- ly and without interruption.

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