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Because it’s best to stand firm on your values than fall for a handsome face, right? Third, the idea that this was street lit romance JUST because it had a man, woman, and several sex scenes. Granted, Stone has the potential to be an amazing author, if he keeps on putting out toxic and problematic content like this, I will not only put him on my do not read list…When Mekhi offers Jacintha a job as his Top Critic, she is skeptical to accept, but does so with the intent of making the industry she loves better. I counted how many times I picked this book up and put it back down. There was no real connection shown between the main characters other than their physical connection, and obviously that didn’t matter to Andre, the main male, because he cheated three freaking times! but the entire roster of authors over at For The People as well. Camille answered in half a ring, and she agreed just as quickly when Mekhi muttered, “Get me Karin – now.” After slamming the phone down, he scrubbed his hand across his face as he inhaled a deep breath.If his books did well, Mekhi wanted it to be because of his writing, not because of the influence and fame that came because of his multimedia company – thus Stone was born.He’d been writing in recluse for the past five years, even though he’d been writing ever since he was thirteen.

Lifting his hands in surrender, Mekhi pulled his laptop back to him and opened it. As Karin closed the door behind her, Mekhi opened his current work in progress.So when Baddie Book Babe, an infamously tough book reviewer, gives a one star review to Mekhi’s most popular and highest paid author, he is determined to get her to remove the review… Because it’s best to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right? The structure and flow of his books are the only thing that make for smooth reading. While Stone went to great measures to show the quirks of his characters and a few of the things that made them unique, I didn’t really get a feel for them on a personal level.Jacintha Freeman, or the Baddie Book Babe as the literary industry knows her, is tough on books and even tougher on the authors that write them. Their backstories weren’t shared, so it was hard to understand why they were the way they were.A pinched, tension filled expression covered Mekhi’s face. There were two chairs across from Mekhi’s at his cherry wood desk.Karin chose to sit in the one that was on the right.

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